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Friday: Still Life in Acrylic [Adult]

04/27/2018 10:00 AM - 05/25/2018 02:00 PM ET


Adult Classes + Workshops


  • $300.00




Why choose acrylic? Acrylic paints come in rich, bold colors that are water-based. (click title for more info & materials list)

Teaching Artist: Pratibha Raju
Fridays, 10:00am-2:00pm: 5 sessions
April 27 - May 25, 2018
Members: $270 | Regular: $300
Late fee of $25 will apply from April 20, 2018


Why choose acrylic? Acrylic paints come in rich, bold colors that are water-based. Wet paint can be cleaned off of brushes with soap and water and the layers dry rapidly so there is no need to wait between painting sessions. In this class, students will work on understanding the relationship between light and shade when creating 2D and 3D objects. We will start with basic pencil sketching, then move on to color pencils, and finally finish a “Still Life in Acrylic” by observing and studying the shades and colors of the arrangement.

Materials Needed: SketchBook - 20 sheets, Pencils HB,2B,4B,6B, 3 Canvas 11 x 14 in, Variety Taklon Brush Super Value Pack by Craft Smart®, Acrylic Paint Value Pack by Craft Smart®

About the Teaching Artist: Pratibha is an artist and a visual art teacher. She received a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts (Painting) in 1998 from India. Since then she has been practicing and teaching painting in different styles. She has worked in many different schools, including St. Paul`s English School and Oakridge International School, India and Hindi USA in Piscataway.

She has recently been working on an Indian art form called the Mysore Traditional. This art form began in India around 16th century. These paintings are done with watercolors and have a unique technique, which involves using pure gold on the painting. She learned this art from her father S. Krishnananda Raju and grandfather Y.Subramanya Raju, who was the Palace artist in the Mysore Kingdom. This technique has been passed down in the family for generations and now is a part of the fine art curriculum in some of the art colleges.

Pratibha also works on figurative compositions and is presently working on Landscapes in oils and watercolors in an attempt to capture the zest of Nature. She has exhibited her paintings at libraries in Long Island NY and Piscataway NJ.

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