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Sunday: Doodling Meet-up in October[Adult]

10/14/2018 09:00 AM - 10/28/2018 10:40 AM ET


Adult Classes + Workshops


  • $80.00




Doodling is a kind of improvisational art - art that’s often not even considered art, but rather a kind of practice, even a form of meditation. (click title for more info)

Teaching Artist: Eleni Litt
Sundays, October 14-October 28, 2018: 3 sessions
Registration fee:
Members: $97.00
Non Members: $105.00

Late fee of $25 will apply from September 25, 2018


Doodling Meet Up:

Making art intuitively (be it drawing, painting, collage, or mixed-media) can be a form of meditation. You don’t need to think of yourself as an artist to explore this intuitive free-form art practice. And for sure it’s not about what’s “good” or about making anything in particular. It’s more about holding the pencil, oil pastel, marker or paintbrush and seeing what happens!  No worries though – each session will have a theme and there will be an abundance of prompts to get you started so you won’t have any time looking at a blank page! Each session will be an opportunity to explore a variety of materials and approaches to art-making in the context of community.

Join Eleni for a lighthearted and relaxed get-together where we make marks on the page in friendly companionship rather than judgment and critique. Art supplies will be provided but Eleni will also recommend supplies you may want to have.


About the Teaching Artist:  About the Artist, Eleni Litt is an artist-teacher who tells a story or expresses a feeling with line, color, form, and words. For her, art is a form of playful meditation on life’s beauty, mystery, and challenges. She loves making art in the community and offers workshops and short courses to people of all ages. She shares and shows her work in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. A long-term resident of West Windsor, NJ, she commutes to New York City, where she works at The New School as Associate Provost of Faculty Affairs.

Sundays, October 14-October 28, 2018: 4 sessions
9:00-10:40 am
Registration fee:
Members: $97.00
Non Members: $105.00

Late fee of $25 will apply from September 25, 2018

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