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Exhibitions: Jane Zamost_In The Balance of Red and Blue

07/10/2020 - 08/31/2020


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952 Alexander Road
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In The Balance of Red and Blue
oil, fabric, paper, and jewelry on board
32” x 48”


In The Balance of Red and Blue
oil, fabric, paper, and jewelry on board
32” x 48”
“In the Balance of Red and Blue soft and gentle, energetic and sinuous… the dress envelops and
opens; uncovers yet hides. There are secrets… scars of illness, soul of gratitude, stillness of thought.
Come closer, you’ll see the love of jewels, the stimulation of red countered with the calm of blue, a
glimpse of disclosure – just a peek. Why this piece for Priscilla's show? The one piece I bought of
Priscilla's is that of a dancer - I see it daily in my house. This work, reflects the dancer's spirit as well as
Priscilla's love of color, beauty along with the scars of illness. Seems befitting to include this piece in
Priscilla's show. "
"I have learned to be patient with my artwork allowing the process to unfold at its own pace . . . bringing
up color, tearing down texture and then building the work back up again. I pause at times, stepping
back to assess that the emotion I wish to convey can be felt.
Over the last decade, I’ve spent much time at hospitals immersed in the healing arts, guiding persons
of all ages and illnesses on art projects. Through my work, I have observed how art can transform
settings often fraught with life's most devastating moments. These experiences have shaped me.
They have impacted the way I make art, prodding me to be uninhibited, free of judgment, rules and
given outcomes. The music playing is often my guide as are my sunrise walks, life’s joys and
hardships, both grand and small. When not in the studio, I lead individuals and groups on workshops so
that they, too, can discover the restorative power of making art.
I have always been a project director in my career and this methodology can be seen on my canvas
bouncing from one medium to the next because change to me is life’s adrenaline. It keeps me present
and excited. My themes often vary and yet through the years, I return to those that inspire me – faces,
places and spaces. . .
It is my intention that as you view my artistry, my hope about life’s goodness and kindness will touch
you in some manner. It is my belief that art nourishes the soul like food feeds the body. I am eager to
give your environment the nourishment it so greatly deserves."

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