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Bring the Family -- A Two Day Poetry Workshop

02/10/2019 12:00 PM - 03:00 PM ET
Adult Classes + Workshops
  • $88.00
Bring the Family

Description of Workshop:

A writer’s family life—both past and present—is a bountiful source for the subject matter. Too often though, a poet might become so wrapped up in exploring her/his own personal remembrance that she/he forgets there’s an audience out there, waiting to be invited into feeling what the poet feels, into discovering what the poet discovers. In this workshop, we will explore the techniques used by others to make the personal public in palatable ways.

In our February 10th session, we will examine poems, all written in the last 50 years, that are each successful in conveying a family memory in a way that feels universal. This session will end with a writing prompt. On February 24, we will reconvene to workshop the resultant poems.

Teaching Artist: BJ Ward
Workshop Dates/Times: Sun. Feb. 10, 12-1: 30 pm and Sun. Feb. 24, 12-3pm
Regular: $88 | Members: $80
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