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Alok Sharma

Type: Artwork
Price: $150.00


Alok Sharma
18 x 24 inches

“We are spiritual beings stuck in material world full of miseries. This perspective, that our roots lie in heavens, world is built of our bondage to good (blue), enjoyment (red) and vice (grey) is illustrated by famous upside-down tree (Ashvattha) in holy Gita, forever helped me with perseverance and healing.”

Alok’s works are guided by his view that a painting, inside the boundaries of the canvas, is a world in itself with its own reality and rules inside the frame. The reality inside the frame is self-consistent but does not have to bear any semblance to the reality outside the frame and that is what defines creative imagination. Alok Sharma has worked in Wall Street career for the past two decades as a bond trader, portfolio manager and risk manager. Alok Sharma is a West Windsor resident.

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