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Anubha Sood

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Anubha Sood
Table Cloth Series
recycled sari silk dyed with seagrasses and onion skins
24 x 36 inches

“Urgency to engage the body in the act of making and reorient it from the overwhelmingly dissonance of COVID-19. To reflect on this time by exploring healing through weaving. Fabric scarps used to make yarn were over-dyed using onion skins, turmeric, seweed and rust. Ordinary furniture was repurposed as looms.”

A recent graduate from Parsons MFA, Sood’s work is centered around sustainable ecology of making that provokes a sentiment addressing our current systems of production, accessibility, inequality, and how they aggravate the larger climate crisis and devastate minorities. She studies material from every part of life from her own hair, to plant matter, food waste, all material that can be returned to the earth as nourishment. She believes by engaging with the natural world, one acquires a new set of understanding of ecological and social responsibility which manifests itself through making and collective care.

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