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Vincent Bush "VCAB"

Type: Artwork
Price: $150.00


Vincent Bush "VCAB"
Fresh Breath
graphic design
12 x 15 inches, print on exhibition fiber paper inside 18 x 22 inch frame, number 2/10.

“The piece I submitted is, "Fresh Breath" - While this virus attacks our respiratory systems worldwide, nature is taking a deep breath. She’s reminding us to slow down and to continue to breathe in love and release it back into the world."

“I create art that’s all about love. I believe the heart is the universal sign for love and no matter what culture, religion, color, or walk of life you belong to, you can recognize that symbol and what it stands for.  As a result, I am motivated to create heart designs, so that I can continue to remind people about this key ingredient in life.”

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